Thursday, October 03, 2019

Thursday - Our Favorite Day?

Wednesday was full of working the "Dad list."  I think we've found a medical practice that is going to work well for Dad.... I've visited three practices in person - and I was glad I did.

Thursday - Ah....Brave with Stacia....always a highlight in the week...though it makes for a busy Thursday.

It was a beautiful view and worked for us. I think we may prefer Sophia's as I can get a sugar free chai latte....and they make food that tastes really yummy. This food was good - but nothing we don't do at least what we ordered was pretty basic.

There is nothing basic about the beautiful colors and the snow crawling down our mountain peak.

Sandy knew I was using Lily's chocolate chips and gave me some sugar-free chocolate chips to sample. YUM.  These are cheaper than Lily's. We tasted them side by side and we like these a bit better....Did I say they are cheaper? I need to get to Walmart to buy more. I'm not 100% sure of their name, I'll have to share that after I go shopping again. ANYWAY - the gift of the chips,  led to baking keto cookies for Life Group. The irony being that NONE of our keto folks showed up this week for Life Group.  Ah well - we had sugar free, almond flour cookies. The taste was good. They were a bit dry. I followed the directions to freeze them and they will make a return at some point.

My family DID ask me why I didn't  use the Stevia or Swerve and the sugar free chips with our favorite recipe....hmmm....I'll have to give it a try.

Thursdays are full - but are fast becoming a favorite day of the week.

*Note after everyone went home from Life Group - Michael began throwing up.

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