Thursday, December 19, 2019

A Day in December

Our friendly dental hygienist told us the trick to short waits at the post office is to go before the main area opens....she assured us there may be 2 or 3 ahead of us.....

0700 and there was a LINE TO THE BACK WALL!  Stacia and I ran to get my fasting labs done and grab a hot beverage before joining the que.

 One and a half hours later we left with our package. Honestly, I MUST remember NOT to order during December. We do a lot of normal shopping on Amazon and Vitacost. It's not a big deal if it comes after Christmas - but if one doesn't pick up packages - they SEND THEM BACK. This happened to us while on vacation.  I knew we didn't need any gifts that happened to arrive and the food could wait...but I didn't want the hassle of it getting sent back....and so we waited...and had a great time talking with ourselves and others.

We headed for breakfast and our study together by 0915. Next we hit a couple of thrift stores and Fred Myers.

I had waited so long for a BIG 3 lb package of Lakanto Monk Fruit. It's much cheaper online - or cheaper than anywhere I've found it locally.

I promptly dumped it on the counter....and scooped it back into a gallon ziploc.....

It is just a normal day in December.

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