Sunday, December 29, 2019

In Search of Margin

There's no doubt this has been a very busy season around our home. Dad has moved in with us,  which did bring a new list of responsibilities; Alex got a job - which adds a challenge to homeschooling;  WHO KNOWS WHY - but it's been a BUSIER fall than I expected, or scheduled for.  Contrary to Dad's oft repeated comment, I am NOT working 20 hours a day....but I HAVE been working hard to get life to cooperate in the search for more margin.

When things get chaotic - I organize! 

Don't judge me. Each camie brought me joy as I held it in my hands.  The ones that didn't spark joy were released to Bishop's Attic. It brought me joy to fold each one, and a sense of great satisfaction and order to color coordinate them in the drawer.... They've stayed that way. 

Michael laughed when he saw this on Nov 19th. It's a sure sign I was a bit overwhelmed.....but it also is a sure sign I was taking steps to alleviate the inner pressure. 

Women's ministry has been on a break since the week before Thanksgiving...just a few days after the great folding extravaganza. School has been on break. I have been on break...and during break....I've helped CoRielle move...and am planning for getting the basement usable for us....AND I'm convinced those organized t-shirts helped me find the time to break away and organize my thoughts for the upcoming PWOC retreat. I now have five sessions roughed out and feel like I may actually have something ORGANIZED to say by the end of January. 

I am feeling back in control enough to actually take the time to blog - rather than to sit in my chair and moan, "WHAT am I going to say to those poor women at the retreat???" 

It all began with organizing and color-coordinating the camies. Try it. 

Feeling overwhelmed.....just try it. You'll see. 

Ignore the playful ribbing from your family. 


Yvonne said...

The pots and pans cupboard does it for me. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I will be turning my attention to the kitchen, "soon," Yvonne. Good to hear from you.