Thursday, August 01, 2019

A Walk in the Woods - Flowers, Hammock & Hidden Eggs

 We have had a lynx around here a couple of times in the last month. I heard it again this morning. Stacia has a hammock out in the woods. She's not been comfortable going out there since she was surprised by Mama Moose and babies.  She and I walked back there to check out the summer finery and retrieve her hammock.

We have Monkshood

Colorful mushrooms

 Maybe elderberry? 

We found the hammock. It has moose prints in it. We moved it a couple of trees near the swing set. 

And then....

It's a live Egg Hunt....

Lucille has a hiding place. 27 eggs in total. This is Lucille. You can tell it's Lucille because her feathers aren't plucked like the others AND she has a turquoise beak.  Free ranging does make for some adventures. 

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