Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sunday Sights

Michael woke up too dizzy to sit, get up, or move around. This happens from time to time. His blood pressure goes low.  Doc says there is nothing to really take or do unless he is passing out.  He is too think safety and stay down when this happens. It usually clears in minutes to hours. He stayed home from church.  

After church the kids, Dad and I, Krista, BreZaak and Jonathan (a guest of CoRielle's and friends of both CoRielle and BreZaak) went out to DQ. 

We came home to lovely Sunday afternoon naps. When I woke, I viewed a very naked Benny outside our window. Now THIS isn't a sight I thought I'd see in my yard during my middle years. LOL 

I headed over to join the reading party in the hammocks. Such a fun place to read - though Stacia had fallen asleep. I have no clue where the photo I took disappeared to...from my phone to some odd spot online I'd guess.

Michael, Alex and I ran into Anchorage. Michael bought himself a table saw. 
Driving home it was impossible to note leaves are turning yellow and orange. Not a lot of them - but enough of them to signal a change. We were driving home at 9 p.m. and it was dusk - instead of bright sunlight.

Phoenix has been crowing at 4:30 every morning, this morning it was 5:30.

I may have to face reality fairly soon.

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