Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Hard Core Full-Timer

Most of you know Michael & I, along  with 3  Gherkins were full-time RV'ers for 2 years. That is, we LIVED in our trailer (and then an RV) for two years after Michael retired from the Air Force. We loved it and would do it again...may do it again in another season...who knows? 

We came off the road and bought a home when the Gherkin migration to Alaska began. By the end of Summer 2017 eight of our children moved up here. We, of course, joined them. We enjoyed the past two years with adult children moving in with us until they settled in their new homes. We love having Dad with us now. We do at times miss the road.  However, we love our state and we especially love our little niche in the Valley north of Anchorage. 

Full-timing in Alaska is for the hard core adventurer! It's COLD at -15 and -23 (temps in our valley on a recent morning). These folks have a WOOD-STOVE in their trailer....there was smoke coming out of their chimney.....so many concerns on so many levels...but it made us smile,  and fondly remember our time on the road and ingenuity of the  the people we met.

I haven't seen something like this in any other state we visited. 

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