Saturday, January 11, 2020

Breakfasts, Showers and Projects

Michael and Dad went to Men's breakfast. I began my Saturday with a tray of fruit....
 Those strawberries were not easy to find this time of year. Produce has sky-rocketed even since the last time I went shopping. Strawberries were $5 a lb and I had to buy 2 lbs to get this many that were suitable to cover and eat. LOL

Why the fancy fruit? A baby Shower! It's always such fun to meet to celebrate an upcoming blessing. Kaitlynn is having a baby boy!
Everyone brings a little and it creates a
blessing - That'll preach.

Krista suggested we visit Arielle after the shower. Our presence was welcomed. Arielle had a project going on and needed extra hands. Krista was happy to provide the hands while Staci and I were happy to relax with Benny.

THIS decal was not attached to the sticky film when it arrived. They got it done....

The house is coming together.

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