Sunday, January 05, 2020

Sundays are for Worship and Rest

Leon, our worship pastor, kicked off the year by sharing some of my very favorite verses. The focus was "one thing." It was a home run. 

The boys met us at the Grill for lunch. Arielle had asked us to text when we were at home so she, Benny and Kimber could come visit. 

We did. When it's -14* outside Grannie Annie's (Mike's grandma) rocker in front of the wood stove is my favorite place to be. Benny wanted my rocker. I have Great Grandpa Sim's rocker. He was a small man; therefore,  chair is small. It's old, very old. I don't let people sit in holds a pillow in my nook....but it's PERFECT for toddlers. I don't know why I hadn't realized this before.  
Benny & Baachan
We sat in our antique rockers, in front of the stove and rocked. Benny loved it. Benny said those magical words again, "Baachan, my loves you." 

As a side note - I dressed today to match my warmest pair of wool/fleece socks! I must go get more of these socks. They were clearanced at Sportsman Warehouse.
Sweet smile

We desperately wanted to watch the Seahawk game. We couldn't find it anywhere...but Michael found some highlight vids that the guys were happy to watch.  GG's feet are to the left - I can't get everyone in, but soon that tree will be gone and GG will be back in his corner. LOL
GG foot, Nolan, Jamin, Josiah, Michael

At some point these guys moved to the multi-purpose room in the basement, formerly CoRielle's kitchen/living room. 
Nolan, Krista, Stacia, Michael

Arielle cut Alex's hair. 
Alex & Arielle

Benny and I played Rock the Boat.

GG was watching news clips on YouTube and finally had enough. I pulled out the play-dough for he, Benny and I....and Arielle and Stacia joined us too. There is something therapeutic about play-dough. Don't you think? 
Benny, my chair LOL, Arielle, Stacia, G Dog

Cory got off work, his family went to meet him. Dad headed to bed.  I candled 12 dozen eggs. The kids played Nolan's new Christmas Game - Forbidden Island.
Alex, Nolan, Krista, Stacia
It appears the next plan is ice cream and something on Netflix. I'm avoiding the ice cream thing by blogging. 

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