Tuesday, February 25, 2020

DMV Appointments

We look like fugitives...but we got it done! In less than an hour we did a permanent renewal on a vehicle, changed a voter's registration, got a handicap placard, and applied for 3 Real ID's....I am sold on making online appointments. LOL

About those photos....it seems the federal government has mandated we can smile, but can't show teeth in Real IDs...Dad and Michael did fine.

We didn't get a photo they could use of me until the 4th try.


"No teeth. Let's try again. Now smile."

I finally suggested he quit telling me to smile. ::snort::

NSV (Non-scale victory)...I had to have them change my weight on my license....I'm 20 lbs lighter than when we moved here....and 40 lbs lighter than I was last March.

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