Saturday, February 29, 2020

Fur Rondy 2020

Where  can you see a bear, in a tutu, wearing a tiara? 

Fur Rondy!  An 85 year Alaskan tradition. It is our state's largest winter festival, "with a schedule full of events that celebrate winter and life in the Last Frontier.

Krista joined her reserve unit in the Outhouse Races...that's right one of the Gherkins has been in an official outhouse race at Fur Rondy. We're official!
Stacia and Krista via Krista's photos
We got a late departure from the valley and missed the races, but Stacia went in early with Krista and caught them.

Michael and I caught up with BreZaak for lunch. We loved the chance to catch up on all the new things swirling around their lives. When we got home, Dad was ready to head for Fur Rondy. I was happy to see him wanting OUT....his feet have been hurting him. He wanted a selfie in front of our fake daffodils, but my arm isn't long enough to get the flowers in.

Doesn't he look cold? At this point he was still not sure he needed his coat. Later in the day he was happy I insisted. The snow boots were handy too. 

We headed for the ice sculptures. The judging isn't until Sunday a.m. We got to see many teams in the process of creating their sculptures. It was 12*.

I found the clay models fascinating. 

The girls stepped into a store for Krista to get feeling back in her feet....ouch. When all were sufficiently warm, they met us over at the sculptures.  
Front - Me and Stacia
Back - Michael, Krista, G Dog
 On our way home we stopped at Alaska's oldest family restaurant. It is directly across from Merrill field - a small craft airport. Dad would like to come back on a clear day to watch the planes. Everyone enjoyed the food and the service was incredibly personal and friendly.

The men headed to Eagle River. They picked up CODY! We had asked for joint custody; Josiah rebuffed the proposal. He did, however, agree to let us have him for a few days this week.

The gals went shopping....and we all met up back at home in the was a great day. Cody was happy to see Stacia.

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