Friday, February 28, 2020

PLANT NOW for Color All Summer

 There you have it! Expert gardening advice - and I didn't plant early enough for color last year..... PLANT NOW....

Um....this is my solution when faced with the reality of 4 feet of snow in the flower beds.
Via Arielle

I was happy to hit a buy one stem - get two stems free on spring flowers.  I waited eagerly for Bennie's visit. I knew he'd enjoy planting with me - and he did. Kimber left them alone after her first look at them....
Via Arielle
Via Arielle
I will let you in on the story behind this story. We moved into a Japanese neighborhood in 2009. We set about making connections with the farmer whose land bordered our yard...The kids helped his wife when she got stuck...and for the following four  springs...every FEBRUARY, the farmer brought me massive bouquets of daffodils. Our first sign of spring.  It seems every February I start to look for daffodils...and I miss being in Japan, our Japanese neighbor, and my heart begins to long for a country to which we are not called to return.  I can't tell you how much good it does my soul and heart to see these cheery daffodils in the yard. 

I still dream of spring time in Japan...and I will do my best to make it happen next spring.

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Jodi said...

That is a GREAT solution!