Wednesday, February 19, 2020

SNOW DAY 2020!

WHUT? 0445 and the school district posted all schools are closed for the day!

Alaska schools "never" get snow days....but it appears the hours of freezing rain, followed by snow all evening has earned us a SNOW DAY!

Phoenix took one look and went back inside.  

We determined to do all the things! You know...all the things Stacia's heart has been dreaming of all winter. It's been hard for her to be the only one at home during the day. I've watched her try to build the sledding hill by herself and then try to talk the boys into playing in the snow when they get off work. I've listened as she remembered playing with the neighborhood kids in Japan and me bringing out hot chocolate every day. The snow here has been too dry to build a snowman....but's wet and sloppy and perfect.  Sort of.

Krista and Stacia headed up to a side they deemed perfect for sledding.  I set out to find them.

When I thought I was near the right spot I planted my cup to be retrieved later.

I found them.  Michael caught up with us too. This road had not been plowed and the snow was deep and unpacked.

This meant the girls spent significant amounts of time packing a trail down. In the end - it worked.

Ok, now - it takes some skill to grab a photo while sledding down the hill. Stacia calls it foolish and dangerous...but I know she's impressed. LOL

We need to find another sled like the one above (it can be steered) and the one Stacia is holding here (it goes fast).

So much fun! The three colorful hats are Alaskan Happy Hats - which Stacia makes. The white one is one Arielle made for me years ago. 
Krista, Micahel, Me and Stacia

When we deemed ourselves sufficiently wet, cold, and satisfied we headed back to our house.  The girls sled as much of the way home as they could. Sometimes it is nice living at the bottom of an incline. Michael spent quite a bit of time today working in the garage. He is making a project for the male family birthdays and trying to get the garage arranged the way he'd like it. 

We dried out coats, gloves and hats (coat rack placed by the woodstove is working well) and then went out again when Nolan returned home.  G dog came out and determined it was too wet to make a snowman....and the snow was too deep.....
G dog...agreed to put on gloves and snow boots

G Dog's assessment didn't stop Nolan, Krista and Stacia from building their snowman.  I remembered... and made up a thermos of hot chocolate to take outside.

I spend more time "chilling" in the snow than staying upright. LOL 

Isn't he classy? The snow was deep so they dug down to build him. He is sitting on a pedestal.  He sports a knitted tie Arielle made for one of the brothers and an old hat that no one has been wearing. 

Nolan, Krista, Stacia, Me, Olaf

When they finished building Olaf they all decided to make snow angels. The snow is incredibly soft...

Krista angel 
Wednesday night activities were cancelled and we enjoyed another quiet day around the house. This snow day was a family blessing. 

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