Monday, March 16, 2020

Odd Time in History

Since this a family journal and intended to be read years from now, it seems best to share a bit of this odd time in history in which we find ourselves.  Some say the CoVid 19 virus/ pandemic is a media-created hoax. Others say it's very, very serious. We are doing our best to navigate through the maze with faith, love, and wisdom (2 Timothy 1:7) and without fear.

Monday I met a friend. We were the ONLY ones at the restaurant for much of our meal.  I worry for those who work in these industries.

Michael was across town meeting with a young man.

We both felt peace in continuing with our plans to meet and felt they were God-planned meetings.

I headed to Fred Myers and Carrs after our breakfast. I had to pick up meds for Dad. I'm not sure why Healthnet has all his meds as 30 days - but this results in frequent trips for meds. I took advantage of being out to try to hunt down sanitizer, soap, beans, vitamins, zinc, and flour.

Well...shew...I did get some kleenex, no sanitizer, flour or vitamins to be found anywhere. I looked for bleach, alcohol - you know anything to make disinfectant. All sold out. Vodka was gone. Michael called and said he would go to Walmart and look for the items I couldn't find in our town. I don't usually worry about sanitizer as we wash with soap - but soap is another item impossible to find right now....

I have been on the look out to give out coffee cards to harried grocery store stockers  and cashiers. I saw one poor girl crouched and cringing as she tried to clean an empty shelf. Customers were very rude and spewing their anger at the lack of product on HER. We are BETTER THAN THIS people! It was my joy to stoop down next to her and speak words of affirmation and encouragement. Let's look for chances to be salt and light. Let's look for opportunities to be different in the midst of the panic.

While I was out I heard all bars, restaurants and gyms were closed in Anchorage. They are still open here.  The recommendation was still not to gather in groups more than 50. None of us did.

I was finally DONE. I KNEW I was done when I discovered Matzos and green tea in my cart. I used to buy Matzos for Mom G when I shopped for her at Safeway.... I was in Safeway/Carrs on autopilot.

Our mayor or Borough is asking businesses to stay open...but with things as slow as they are I am guessing many will be shutting...and if we follow Anchorage's lead it will be a ghost town downtown soon.

I came home and made dinner.  After dinner I brought out a gift for the family.

Krista divided some out for everyone who was going to play Farkle.  I abstained. The slower evenings are giving us much more time to connect as a family.  

Michael wasn't able to find hand sanitizer, bleach or alcohol...but he found Listerine. I wondered why all the mouthwash was gone in our we have fresh smelling hands. Saving the strong stuff for when we're out and about. Using Clorox wipes around here OFTEN and our minty fresh home made sanitizer. I don't think it is doing much...but oh well.
Here's a recap of the way we spent the first day in isolation....

Michael and I carried on with ministry - to others and family.

The boys came home early - business is slow at McDonalds.

Stacia continues to rest and recuperate.

G Dog continues to read, visit and rest.

Krista fielded various emails from work and read.

I got Stacia and Alex's 3rd quarter work samples turned in to our charter school.

This evening President Trump announced national guidelines in dealing with the pandemic for the next 15 can read them here.  Since this may be read by our descendants long after the website is's a summary.

Just like that the whole country is encouraged to school and work at home.  Now some are saying these are not "rules" for local states....but seriously? I would guess in most states they WILL be rules within days, if they aren't already.

The big one for us is avoiding groups of more than 10 for the next 2 weeks. This means we  will go from being out every week night to being home - and that's got some positives too.

I am praying these measures "flatten the curve."

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