Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Saint Patrick's Day - Day 2 of isolation

Frankly, I'm not feeling very isolated...

Pastor Shannon came over today so the staff - much of  which lives at our house - could brainstorm and plan for  "church" in a season when groups under 10 or 50 are recommended.


I put a corned beef into the instant pot...and then had to leave home.

I did NOT want to go out again - but I didn't make it to the feed store yesterday and in our prepping I need to have chicken feed, scratch and shavings.  Krista was gracious enough to come with me - she even drove. We stopped at the feed store. We went to Three Bears. Three Bears is now only allowing customers to buy 2 of any item in the store. It was NICE to be able to find a few of the items we needed...I'd forgotten to buy COFFEE - Dad is our only coffee drinker.  We filled the van with gas.

On the way home Krista treated me to tea from her favorite spot.

Look at THIS....look at my pretty silk spring flowers...the blasted moose ATE them...then spit bedraggled silk flowers all around. Poor things are getting hungry and must have thought we had the one spot of fresh colorful food in the area.

The guys came home early again. They all enjoyed video games this afternoon. 

Stacia made an Irish toffee dessert. I pulled out the beef and added potatoes and carrots. Krista made yummy cabbage, and we were ready for St Patrick's Day dinner.

We poured a new batch of kombucha. Okay - we double filtered this batch...so he is pouring it back into the big jar to be filtered into smaller jars. Look at that foam! 
 Stacia and the boys headed to bed early. They are up early for work and school.

Dad decided to go to bed.

Krista, Michael and I decided to read - well I've spent the time blogging and am now the only one in the living room. ::snort::

Oh, Krista and Stacia have picked out material to make a "quarantine quilt." This could be a fun idea.

This ends day 2 in "isolation."

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