Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Wonderful Spring Break Wednesday

I had a full day planned. I was going to take Dad with me to watch Benny at 0815. Krista and Stacia would stop by at 1045 and I would run for coffee with a sweet friend and ministry partner, then come back in time to get Benny his lunch and nap. 

THEN I woke up with another UTI. In less than 3 hours from the first pain I was at urgent care, tested and on another round of treatment - 7 days rather than 5 days this time.  WOW - they are taking precautions in prep for the Corona Virus.  We still have no cases in Alaska. 

I was thankful for our village today. I went to the doctor and then the pharmacy. I had to cancel meeting with Lindsey. The girls took Gpa and went to watch Benny. I met up over there as soon as I could. 

Benny loves dinosaurs and is getting quite a collection thanks to the generosity of his people. 

 While I played with Benny....Krista and Stacia left for today's spring break youth event. They hiked the flats in Wasilla. Krista reports one could be walking along just fine and sink up to their hip in the snow with the next step. It was a gorgeous day.  Youth photos via Krista's camera.
Evan, Allie, Josiah, Dillon, Jesse, Stacia, Brittany

They met back at the D family's house for dinner, conversation and games! 

They didn't get home until most everyone here had gone to bed....but before bedtime we had a visit from Arielle and Benny. Cory was working late. The 11th of March is a hard day for many in our family. Our minds go to the events of a land we still love and pray for - Japan. Somehow just acknowledging it is a hard day made it easier to handle this year.  We were happy to have Arielle come  spend the evening with us. It's hard to stay reflective too long when Benny is in the house.

Papa bought a gyroscope months ago and has been waiting for the kids to be old enough and patient enough to enjoy it. He brings it out every few weeks. Benny loved it tonight. YAY!

He thought he could show Baachan how to use the strap for workout. I'm not sold. 

He is a fun challenge element on the bike. 

He helped Papa play a lovely duet. 
Photo via Arielle

And played with the toys in the basement.

"Baachan, I help Papa." 

I've trained him well. As soon as Michael closed the door on the wood-stove, Benny brought stools over for us to sit on...and then demonstrated the proper way to warm one's self in front of the fire. LOL
Photo via Arielle 

The moose came out to say goodbye to Arielle and crew. She snapped this lovely sunset on the way home.  11 hours and 34 minutes of sun on March 11th!!!! Oh, the sun is coming! 
Photo via Arielle 

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