Wednesday, April 01, 2020

April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day - but it seems this ISN'T all a fool's day joke!  Stacia had PLANS for today - we lost track of the date. For a great April Fool's Day joke from folks who REMEMBERED to plan ahead,  check out the video clip I share of Cory and Benny on the Courageous Joy Facebook Page.

The highlight of my day was picking up meds for dad and running by the kids' homes.  We dropped off a letter for Izaak on their doorstep. The door flew open and we got to yell,  "Hello," to Bella and Gideon (and Bre). We went next door and delivered eggs and such to Cory, Arielle, and Benny. We cannot drop things off to Jamin and Josiah because it would involve commuting to another community. We keep dreaming of flying to Juneau to see JaRissa, but that is COMPLETELY away from our community.

 A month in to this "social distancing" and we are REALLY missing our adult kids.  I guess it has only been 3 weeks since we moved home...though Dad began his seclusion in earnest on 8 March. As I left things on the step, I heard Arielle say she was behind the door. There she WAS...and I instinctively reached to TOUCH her...though she is behind the glass. Odd, but it was exciting to be that close. Mamas just want their babes close during crisis - even though we KNOW they are perfectly safe where God has placed them.

I saw the photo and it reminded me of the scene in the book, "I'll Love You Forever," where the Mama drives across town, sneak into her boys room, and rocks him to sleep.  I sent Arielle the photo and told her it was sort of creepy...but I liked it.

How else did we fill our time in this day 988 of social isolation?  O.k. it's been 17 days. 

Church staff meeting - really need to figure out why I can't take screen shots on the new laptop. 
Pursuing new skills in ministry

Michael continues to talk about the YouTube channel. I finally got bored enough I began taking clips today....not sure I'll ever get them edited and posted to You Tube.....but bugging everyone and asking my "Quarantine Questions of the Day," did speed my day right along. I also wasted time looking back to see when the last video was published. The last "real" video was July 2018...though there is a clip of fireworks from Colony Christmas 2018. 

Stacia did another fascinating biology lab....she is maintaining her accelerated school pace. 
This is not Corona fashion - It's homeschool fashion

Michael works on sermon, or sermonette prep. He's up this Sunday with, Blameless, in the "Saved" Series....Belong, Blessed, Bought...

I kept hearing Dad laugh...I checked in and he is into a new Patrick McManus book. 

I did not get outside for a walk today....I am appreciating the home gym gifted to us by Darshia. 

Stacia's bunny, Dash, enjoys the home gym too. 
Alex continues to progress towards finishing his senior year strong.

Nolan worked all day and then quarantined in the royal blue cave (known as his room).

Another day purposely lived during Quarantine.  I still haven't found all the quiet, reading time I envisioned...but I am finding things to love about this time.

Pandemic Fact - American went from 4000 to over 5000 deaths in one day. Alaska seems to have flattened the curve....we hope.

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