Saturday, April 25, 2020

BUBBLES to the Rescue

THIS was the highlight of the day. I didn't get many pictures...but after a month (or longer?) of not being near the, we spent a few minutes playing..... 

During my walk I discovered Arielle needed a few things from our home...I suggested I drop them off. I told her I'd bring GG and even if we couldn't BE with Benny we'd enjoy seeing him. GG would like to get out of the house.  

NOW....our governor is allowing gatherings of less than 20....if you can maintain 6 feet distance and wear masks if you are inside. We've all talked and we know the kids (and GG)  are simply not going to be able to do that inside...but OUTSIDE....we decided it would be worth a try. I told Arielle I'd bring bubbles. She had a chair for GG...Papa (Michael) decided to come too,  and off we went. 

My heart nearly burst when we pulled up. Bella and Gideon spotted us. I wasn't sure Bre would want them to be in the yard with us there….but we waved and texted her what we were doing. We planned to go visit, through the glass,  if they didn't come over. 

Benny RAN for us as we got out of the car. He ran right up to me, stopped about 6 feet away and waved! What a sweetie. He calls the germs "bad guys" and didn't want them to get us...we contented ourselves with waves, games and blowing kisses. 

The bubbles were a hit! 

Bella, Gideon, Annie, and Bre DID join us. 

I filled the dinosaur with bubbles thinking it was a bubble gun. ::snort:: It is a squirt gun. Gideon was not impressed at all...and we certainly didn't want to squirt soap at each other. 

About this time the kids called with the sad news they couldn't get anything from DQ  without a car. We met them, got treats, and took them to a spot with a view to eat. We stopped at the little airport on the way home for Dad to see the small planes he likes to watch. 

It was a good outing. GG was getting tired of being at home...I think he can make it another week now....he gave up a nap to go with us. LOL

Michael spent the afternoon working on some projects. I'll get photos tomorrow....

I pruned a few bushes... It was a good spring day....

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