Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Mountains!

I started the day with a Zoom chat with four gals from church. THEN - I had to get out for a walk. I settled on a plan of a 2 mile walk and then  the elliptical.  The mountains speak to me. I can't get enough of them. 

I have started to send marco polos to my sister friends and my cousin, Lorri, as I walk. I get to be out,  alone and yet connected.   Today's walk was momentous. 

I passed by this and noted it was fresh. 
The thing is - I was in the zone....I was walking, praying or talking....and didn't put together that where there are fresh moose turds there may well be MOOSE. I rounded a corner and there were TWO MOOSE right in the road. I briefly considered passing on the other side of the know the prescribed 6 feet of social I approached their ears flattened and the hair on their necks stood up. I turned around. I didn't really want to go that way anyway as the tush-smelling pit bull was down there. Ah, I forgot to share THAT story. It seems even a beagle will keep other dogs from coming up to intimidate  a walker....alas, I walk solo this spring. RIP our dear friend.

I turned and re-thought my route...and realized I'd best go home for a pit stop (too much water and tea before the walk), and then I headed out again. The moose were STILL in the road; I tried a new route.

It was gorgeous. I found the best views of our mountains yet. I stood here with the field in front of me and could see Lazy Mountain to the left, the Matanuska Peaks ahead of me, and Pioneer Peak to my right. I took a panoramic shot - but it doesn't do it justice.

I should consider a shower and make up before walks if I'm going to keep taking photos. I simply love the mountains - think you know that though. I think I love them as much as my beloved ocean.

Pioneer Peak 

Mat Peak
What do you know? I guess that IS gray and not blonde. LOL 

Lazy moving to the Mat Peaks...

I got home and discovered I had walked 3.85 miles - handily reaching my 2 mile goal. Break up - Spring is upon us. It was 50* today...and everything is dripping...melty and slushy.  My daffodil garden has fallen on disrepair as the bank melts. It's not nearly as pretty white now....and our snowman lost his head last week, and his mid-section this week. He lasted 2 months.

The good news is I'll soon be able to reach the Christmas sign and store it away. 

I  moved the daffodils to the front porch....I found all the flowers the moose had attempted to eat in a puddle of melted snow. I'll see if I can re-attach them tomorrow.

I  put beans and a ham bone into the instant pot and prepared biscuits ready to throw into the oven after this evening's church Zoom. This time Michael and I were on a panel with some others for youth group. We tried to answer relationship questions. It was fun.

Finally, 7:45 p.m. and we were sitting down for  dinner. Poor Dad. We're lucky he's so flexible.

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