Saturday, May 02, 2020

One Saturday in Spring

All the joys of springtime in Alaska! The days are getting longer and longer....and we can't seem to spend enough time OUTSIDE.  We all love it when Benny, Arielle and Kimber stop by to play....this is the time of year when the woods are fun to explore...before the grass and devil's club have grown tall....

Devil's club....the green shoots are good to eat...but soon all that will be left is spiky stalks and leaves....and they are NASTY.  They get taller than I. We hope to beat them back a bit. They are obviously determined to take over our woods - possibly the entire yard....though the chickweed will battle them for the garden plot. 

G Dog has discovered napping on the trampoline! 
Getting off has been a bit rough. 

Yes, I did go for a morning walk - 5.2 miles.  I walked down to the river, along the river, and back up to the house....a nice, scenic square with some of the best views in the world. 

And, yet, in spite of all the lovely views, THIS caught my eye!  How fun! I picked up another rock...

I thought I would continue my inside workout routine - but I love being outside and  don't like being cooped up with the machines.  I don't even miss the Netflix I usually watch while working out. ::snort::  My goal this week was to walk 20 miles. 

I walked 24.5 miles and decreased my pace by a couple of minutes. 

I think I'll continue the goal of 20 miles this week and see how sustainable this will be as a spring workout routine. 

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