Sunday, June 07, 2020

A Month?

A month since the last blog! Oops.

The last blog was about bears - oh my.

We are fine.

I will back post some blogs in the upcoming's finally really summer (sort of like spring in the lower 48).   This means projects and gardening. Our growing season is VERY short....and so we live and work hard until we get it all in. I have photos, I have thoughts....I'll post later.

When I look back at the notes and photos from May a few themes life after sequestration, gardening, projects, lots of appointments for Dad,  family - lots of time with grandkids...playing at Baachan's treehouse, watching sick kids, babysitting....and WALKING.

We are heading out this afternoon for Mt. Denali...there will be things to report....and I may get over my aversion to posting "out of order" to post Denali and then work on catching May up.

All that to say - how kind you are to notice we've been missing. Thanks for all who reached out to see if we were o.k. We are doing well.

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