Sunday, June 21, 2020

June Garden Update

 As I post from the vantage point of August 2022 it becomes CLEAR much of June was over-taken by gardening. Here is one big post of a few weeks in June 2020. 

The tomatoes are doing well inside the new greenhouse Michael constructed over two raised beds. 

Finished - and working as predicted. 

We've tried four different years and simply can't seem to grow corn here. 

These two are great helpers. Here we prepare tires to plant flowers into. 

I loved the flowers in the garden this year. I did not love the expense. In future years I will try to grow flowers from seeds. 

Broccoli to come

Time to start eating some lettuce. 


Potato patch 

Looking good. 

 I don't believe the battle of the weeds in this plot will ever end. 

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