Saturday, July 04, 2020

4th of July Treats

It was sort of a SAD HOLIDAY! There were only the six of us here....and Grandpa kept asking if the kids were coming by. I kept reminding him we were exposed to "the virus" and he is sick...and we aren't going out or having others come in....and Nolan was sick today too.

ANYWAY - we didn't have a big was quiet and a bit sad - but it was also VERY RELAXED...and that was nice too.

Everyone had 4th of July treats.....
This is a pitiful laying crew - but we treated them anyway. 

Millie likes watermelon
Stacia wasn't happy with this cake - but it TASTED yummy. 

We are giving Millie lots of biting options other than OUR FLESH....her favored choice. 
Everyone loves Jordan's Skinny Syrups

It was a beautiful Alaskan Summer day - 80*!  We burned some burgers and brats and sat around in the yard... the corn is not knee high by the 4th of July...

Some of the potatoes are

Michael's new invention is working well. 

The carnations have started blooming in the garden. 

Dad and the boys had gone to bed by 7 p.m. Stacia, Michael, Millie and I were sitting outside "watching the corn grow," when the S family showed up! We all assume they have antibodies...they had the same bug a week or so ago.  It was fun to see them all - though I seem to have focused on Millie and Kimber's interactions. Millie has a little aggressive streak. 

It was funny how she always ran back to Stacia or Arielle when she'd had enough from Kimber. 

All in all - a good day. It still seems impossible that it is JULY. 

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