Monday, July 20, 2020

Day 3 - Dip Netting 2020

 The perfect way to begin an early morning at fish camp. I enjoyed sitting with the word and some tea apple and a keto brownie...I don't know - it works. I took Millie for a walk - she did fine until we ran into a bunch of llamas in the road. LOL  Willy went home today. Luke came out to spend the day with Krista. At this point they were newly dating. 

This morning the fish that were cleaned last night were pulled out, cut into fillets, packaged in bags, sealed and placed in our freezer. 

I love this crew. 

Today we met up with the family who took us dip netting our first year. We didn't realize they had booked a spot right by it was fun to have time together on the beach and at the cleaning station.  Stacy and Britney came this year - which made the whole trip even better. 

Stacy and Jennifer

Krista and Luke

Soon it was time to head to the beach and begin chasing the tide. 


Stacy and Krista

Krista, Alex, Britney, Stacy

The whole gang - Stacey and Stacia in the front 

Not sure who is caught in the wake...but Krista and Stacey to the left. 

Our group and Ed and Jen's group inter-mingled in the water. 
Duane, Micahel, Josiah,  Jamin, Alex, Stacia, Britney Ed

Stacia & Britney

Stacy's cold

Reno, Luke and Krista


The days are long [- but so satisfying. The long hours in the water leads to lots of time to catch up....and the same can happen on the beach. We love this family break...and it's even better when we run into friends. 

The trip tally...Jamin and Willy are going home. 

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