Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Just a Day

The blind in our room got left up last night. The fresh breeze was wonderful - the sunrise at 4:29 not so much. 

Stacia, Millie and I ventured forth for a walk. As is my practice, I kept walking after Millie and Stacia went home....I discovered a LOT of maro polos from my sister friends to listen to.  I had thought to go another 1 1/2 miles....down to the mailbox and back....but I decided to keep walking so I could listen to all the chats...and respond...and then listen to their response....and then chat a bit with my cousin, Lorri....and before I knew it I was in front of my favorite farm....and it is shorter to just press forward at that point....

I walked 7 miles this morning. Today was the first time I noticed cow parsnips in pink. Is this normal? Google tells me these are in the carrot family and you can eat them. 

These are lilies right at my front door....I don't think you can eat them. ::wink:: 

I CALLED and they wanted Dad to come to his appointment - even though he's been sick. I think Dad was happy to get OUT.  We masked up and went out.

Millie loves to torment the chickens....Honestly, Phoenix has tormented us all so much it doesn't bother me to see her make him sweat a bit.  She just lays there and stares at him....though she'd turned her back on him at this point...

I'm not sure if you can see the growth - but this puppy is GROWING. She is 9 weeks old today, born on May 5th.  We love her blossoming personality. Here she brings us a present....right to the door.  When no one responded she set pretty and waited - with the tiniest of barks.  

Looks guys - I brought you Nolan's priceless sandal.....isn't that worth a treat????

Michael planted an Aspen Tree. I scrubbed dehydrator trays. The boys worked long shifts. Stacia trained Millie. Dad kept busy preparing for his appointment.

Dad, Michael, Stacia and I played a round of Farkle;  Michael and Stacia had a piano lesson.  It feels like it has been a long day, but we sure didn't do much. LOL

Update - I needed to unwind. I went for a walk around the block....another 1.68 miles for the day. Who AM I? I used to unwind with chocolate and tea at bedtime - not a walk at 9 p.m. at night.  Total walking today - 8.68 miles.

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