Thursday, July 16, 2020

Whew - what a long day!

As is often the case around here - things didn't go quite as planned today, but everything that NEEDED to get done is done. LOL

Stacia and I are in between studies, but we decided to go out early anyway. We brought Krista with us. We decided to do a drive through and a walk. The minute the car stops at the drive through window, Millie gets EXCITED.

C'mon - why are you making me WAIT? 

Tori makes a mean puppacino

She's only had ONE puppacino but she seemed to KNOW....

We ate our breakfasts at the trailhead and took off.....This is Millie after her puppacino....

Check out her ears and the placement of her front paws...and Stacia's expression. I love this photo. 

We managed just under a mile on the trails before we ran screaming, and flapping down the path - being wildly chased by mosquitoes. Krista shared how many had commented on the "terrible mosiquites" in AL and she tried to tell them they were nothing compared to AK mosquitoes. They were bad this morning. At one point I rubbed my hand over my head and ended up with six skeeters sucking on my hand.  I walked another 3 miles when we got home. My goal is an average of 3.5 miles a day so I can make a monthly goal of 105 miles....but my math is off as my goal is 110. ::snort:: 

I had a food prep plan ready to execute today. I bagged brownies and keto brownies before we left the house. Stacia agreed to make cookies and bag them.  On the beach - with all that fishy slime and such - individual wrapped snacks are essential. I have bagged trail mix and dried apples. Krista contributed some Cajun mix and pretzels.  I had a big day planned.....

Check out GG's eye.... I called his primary doc and he said to bring him right in and he'd confirm it was what he suspected.  Off we went....It turns out its a superficial rupture of a blood vessel and will resolve itself on it's own in the next week. The picture looks good - it was horrible looking. 

I brought Dad home and discovered Stacia had been busy in the kitchen. She not only made cookies, she browned hamburger and cooked up about 20lbs of chicken. What a boost that gave me. 

I headed to the lab - for ME. I forgot I was supposed to have blood drawn April 30th! I AM working to remember to schedule the things I'm supposed to have done  - but they are never quite as urgent. 

Next up was a trip to 3 Bears to buy convenience snacks and groceries. I couldn't get everything and will have to make another shopping trip tomorrow. I did get about 80% of what I needed. 

When I got home, Michael grilled some pre-cooked chicken thighs, Krista got fries in the air fryer and I put out salad (which no one touched) and set the table. 

Michael and I did an inventory of the RV. I wiped down all the surfaces in the RV. Michael loaded some things into the basement of the RV. 

I started 4 pork roasts for pulled pork sandwhiches....I will let them slow cook over night. I should learn how to use the smoker...that would have been some good pulled pork....

And with that....I'll call it a day. 

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