Friday, August 07, 2020

The Wait Continues

 It has been convenient for Krista to have us on base in the RV. She is doing a reserve stint on base. We leave the RV for her to stay in until her time is over. 

We continue to wait for Dad to wake up. 

The doctor calls and convinces us to go ahead and go home. We can't visit - even if Dad does wake up. We'll be called if death is immanent and then they'll let me in. We drive back to the valley. seems fitting to play Farkle...but sad with GG not playing. 

From the vantage point of 2022 I can see that Dad has never regained the concentration to play Farkle with us. That game the night before surgery may have been the last. We'll begin to see if we can work up to it. 

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