Thursday, October 22, 2020



"Baachan, you walked right past me!" 

"You're right, Benny, I did." 

Benny was shocked, and a bit indignant, I could walk right past him and not say a word. I knew it was time to set aside "the list" and play...because some things take making memories with a grandson. 

Today was the first day this week without a single scheduled health worker in our home. It was nice. I was able to get the floors mopped, a yummy dinner made, 2 appointments made for Dad, talk with the pharmacist about our ongoing struggles to sort out meds, cancel Rocket Lawyer,  Bible study with was a good day.  

Dad is feeling better. We discovered this means we need to be even more diligent about keeping eyes on him. I caught him somewhere between the bed/chair and the floor 3x today. At one point I just helped him slowly slide to the floor and we were thankful, once again, Michael is home to help get him off the floor. He voiced his fear we'll get tired of taking care of him. I assured him that isn't the case. I voiced my fear another fall will put him back in the hospital and we may not get him out. We WANT him to do all he can do, but at this point his legs are prone to give out unexpectedly (which is what happened all 3x) so it is wise to have someone nearby while he works to get stronger. He's  STILL recuperating from the last fall in the facility on Oct 4th. I would hate more falls to set him back again. We want him pain free to concentrate on getting stronger.  

Dad called Benny.....and this afternoon...look who showed up at our home! BenNEEEY...and Arielle too. LOL  The first order of the day was to help GG shave....GG saved this task to do with Benny. 

Next, I prodded GG into going outside on the deck. Soon, we'll be able to wheel him into the yard....but today he was content to watch from the deck. 

Snow in the boots - it gets to the best of us, Benny. 

"Should I? In the winter?"

"I think, yes!"

GG  lobbed a few snowballs...and here comes Benny, up the stairs, with a handful of snow. LOL He had so much fun nailing GG that he turned on all of us. 

 Getting "Honey and baby." 

He's excited to throw snow at me....and I was excited to catch a photo of the action. He has Baachan's full attention now. 

CoRielle went out last night to try to catch the Northern Lights. They didn't see any, but they saw some great stars. We don't see stars all summer/ has to be dark to enjoy the stars. It IS such a joy to note them shining again. Benny was impressed. He burst out, "God is AmAAAzing! But Papa made 3 of them." 

Yes, Papa, my boyfriend - the maker of stars, bridges and moose.  Papa worked on a few less impressive projects today. He dug out the pea gravel so our contractor can lay a pad and get a ramp built for us. 

He worked on the burn pile. 

WHO is this???? 

The wood-hauling season has begun. 

It seems the bank closed one of our checking accounts. Michael was verifying I was correct in thinking our account is missing. They are mailing us a check for the balance. None of it made sense to us. 

Stacia baked some goodies - while Christmas music blared through the house - another post to follow. Stacia has an adorable way of getting into her baking. I've always been able to tell what she is baking by checking out her! 

It was a great day....we ended the day with a rousing round of Farkle - WHICH I WON HANDILY!

I think in the future I will try to schedule these days with NO ONE coming in every Wednesday or's a nice breather in the midst of unplanned scheduling. 

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