Saturday, November 28, 2020

Quarantine Visitors

We're still here. Most still feel pretty worn out.  Dad is sleeping - a lot - and I get it because all I want to to do is sleep.  

He commented, "And NOW I get a cold on top of COVID 19." We explained this WAS still all a part of Covid. 

The doorbell rang in the early afternoon. I could tell how stir crazy folks are getting because everyone ran to the door - except Grandpa who was sleeping. We had a nice visit from the driveway/porch. Cy, Carrie and Olivia went ice fishing this morning. Olivia caught her first fish. I think Michael is jealous. 

Quarantine Photo of the Day 

Look what they brought! There is great rejoicing in our home. These coupled with the ones Danny and Krista picked up will make enough for one in every Christmas stocking. LOL Those Happy Hippos are awfully cute. 

They went on to visit BreZaak. Josiah sent the following photo. We are looking forward to when WE will get to see Danny and JoJo face to face. Meanwhile Josiah and Jamin are working towards favored uncle status with the new crop of nephews. 
Josiah Michal & Josiah Eric Grant

We've begun a Marvel Movie Marathon. The goal is to watch them all in a chronological order. I believe this is a worthy goal. I missed the first day and so I am still clueless. ::snort:: 

Today, NOLAN received a call from the state contact nurse. ALEX (who tested first) hasn't, neither has Dad. It was pretty silly as we're so far into the quarantine and illness. She was upset we aren't all staying in our own little rooms. I'm betting she hasn't caught it yet...because in a home with everyone exhibiting symptoms, it makes NO SENSE to stay isolated in your own room....we quit that when Grandpa got sick. That was the ONLY reason that practice made sense to us.  The way the state's rules for those who don't test positive work it seems easiest to catch it at once and be done with it, rather than draw it out longer and longer.  They wanted to be sure we had groceries. 

She admitted there are quite a few people who simply won't test positive. They have symptoms, have been exposed, and still test negative. This confirms our thoughts on Krista specifically, and the test generally. 

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