Monday, November 02, 2020

The Dinos Are Coming

 Marvilie and Avigail dropped off a load of fondant and dinosaurs a couple of days ago.  Stacia and I began planning the Dino cake for Friday's Family Birthday party this afternoon. Michael and Benny are our November birthdays. We expect both grandsons to be born in November so there will be 4 November birthdays next year!

Stacia is going to decorate the cake....she works two days this week.  

Benny is turning 3...

We discussed ways we could make the cake Arielle and I envisioned....dinosaurs, a volcano and lava. ::snort:: 

Laying it out on pans and trays allowed us to see how many cakes Stacia needed to bake....she baked tonight so she can freeze them and  put a crumb coat on on Wednesday or Thursday. 

The small cake  overflowed its boundaries - much like lava. It collapsed in the oven but didn't go to waste. Well, it DID go to waist! It provided a nice Farkle snack. This is a really moist, yummy cake she makes. 

We have planned an ice cream cake for Michael and a dinosaur cake for Benny. Two desserts aren't too excessive when we all gather. 

Today the SLT and the PT both came to see Dad. It was a full day. 

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