Saturday, December 26, 2020

1st Day of Christmas

 Whut? Christmas was yesterday! 


Yes, it was. 

And after Christmas comes....the 12 Days of Christmas.  That period of time between Christmas and Epiphany (Jan 6th).  


The day on the liturgical church calendar when the arrival of the wise men is celebrated.  This is the day we  "aim" for a household gift exchange....which frees us up to slowly savor all the other gift giving opportunities throughout the season.  The kids do laugh about the year we didn't exchange household gifts until March! That was 2017. We just didn't feel like it that year.  

I'm quite sure there is a proper way to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas. I know there are certain focus' for each day...we simply choose to stretch out Christmas beyond the 25th. This helps us focus on the ADVENT of Jesus before Christmas and all the gift giving and such after Advent. 

We find these days to be busy...we love it.  Most family members have some time off work so we take time to reconnect at every opportunity. 

Today - the first day of Christmas - was full of visits from our kids.  Jamin stopped by when Arielle and the boys were by....Benny was quick to enlist Uncle's help in a nerf war of epic proportions. 

Jamin is never far from his mobile office! This has been a great year for his real estate business - despite Covid.  We never know when he'll have a showing out here in the Valley and pop in. We love it. 

Carrie and Olivia have been visiting family in Florida. They got back late on the 24th. Today was our first day to see them. It was fun to catch up.  Carried made up Danny time. 

Cy, Carrie and Danny

A rousing game of Dixit developed. 
Stacia, Carrie & Danny, Arielle, Benny, Livie

Nolan and Alex worked. I believe Krista spent the day with Luke. Maybe.  Michael, Dad and I "never work," however, we LOVE days off when the kids can visit. 

Not the best presentation - but Michael got a spread of smoked salmon, salmon jerky, summer sausage, cheese and crackers out!  

Thus ends Dec 26th. 

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