Thursday, December 31, 2020

6th Day of Christmas - Goodbye 2020

2020 ...yes, it's had hard aspects...pandemics, killer bees, aliens and all. Honestly, it has not been our hardest year. We have had wonderful joys in the midst of 2020...tonight, we gathered to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021. 

Before we gathered, Krista drove Michael to Anchorage for a procedure on his foot. He is now supposed to stay off it a few'll see many more sitting photos than typical of this night. 

We began with dinner. 

Followed by fierce competition....yes, the annual Gingerbread Competition. 

Girls Team!

Krista, Arielle, Olivia & Carrie (dating Cy)
and Stacia

Bella, Annie, Bre and Larissa were missed. We hope they can join us next year. 

The Boys Team 
Cy, Alex, Luke (dating Krista) Jamin & Cory 

Izaak, Gideon, and Jared were missed. Check out the plans below! Blueprints for gingerbread competition....

The work began - everyone got involved...
Even Danny played a part...

G G needed to offer his advice

Papa had the best job. 

Reno is not the typical lap dog! 

Checking out the fireworks...

But first - the family gift exchange. We draw names and exchange gifts on NYE. This frees everyone to do their own thing, or visit with in-laws on Christmas. Benny is suitably impressed with the gifts showered on him. 

The dino cup was a hit

Jamin not only got Alex a Tundra comic book, he had it signed by the author when he interviewed him for an upcoming podcast. 

Krista is told her squatty potty stool is on it's way. ::snort:: 

After gifts there was another hour of gingerbread building and then it was time for bonfire and fireworks.  Before photos - we were safe. There are adults by children - even if they are cropped out of the photos! NOTHING was catching fire in the middle of all this snow. We were also legal. Alaska allows this on New Year's Eve. 

Benny enjoyed the fireworks this year

Josiah was busy manning fireworks

Michael bundled Dad out and they came to the deck. Josiah loaded them down with Roman candles. Michael is reaching down to dad in his wheelchair. Yikes - I still think that awfully close to the top of the stairs. LOL 

Baachan's shadow

We ended our display around 11:30 p.m. so the Eagle River crew could get on the highway before midnight.  It took a bit of time to round everything up before CoRielle left for home. Where could Benny be? 

Resting with Papa. All the kids did so well tonight. 

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