Tuesday, December 22, 2020

About the Woodstove

What's a Christmas season without a couple of unexpected projects? We've had smoke in the house - this is not a good sign. A bit of exploring proved the professional who installed our wood stove wasn't quite as professional as one would hope. In talking with stove store owners this man is the only recommendation we have been given. Michael is taking care of it himself. 

Michael rigged up THIS tool to suck soot out of the pipe without getting it all over the house. It works. He also hooked a phone to the end of this tool and went all the way up to see what is going on. It turns out the fix is more extensive than originally thought. 

Expect more photos of this project. The plan is to buy a new end cap, install it, soak the current one and switch them out NEXT SUMMER or FALL...as that is a much better time to be on a roof. 

I have been assured safety precautions will be in place before anyone is on the roof...but to be doubly sure I enlisted Cory to the roof team - he's a great safety expert. Seriously Michael has a big 4 foot hook to stabilize the ladder. 

We miss the warm heat....it is nice not to be at 80* in the house...but there are days when it is just COLD and wood heat is nicer! 

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