Tuesday, January 05, 2021

11th Day of Christmas - Full of Blessings

 Michael needed to stay off his foot today, this led to lots of driving for me.  It was a day full of blessing. 

I never made it OUTSIDE to walk today, but I DID get 4 miles on the treadmill before the day took off. This treadmill is a blessing. I think of the gal who blessed us with our exercise equipment each time I use it. 

I try. I do. OBVIOUSLY, there are some tricks I need to learn about the whole caregiving gig. I'm pretty sure I got as wet as Dad. We both got a good laugh out of the situation. Laughter is good. 

There was lots of laundry, lots of paperwork, lots of trips to town to deliver non-driving youth here and there...and in the midst of it....Michael blessed me. As I ran out the door on one of the three trips he told me to grab a chai, sit in a parking lot, and read. He was keeping Dad company today.  Sweet. 

That is how I found myself at the gym, though not IN the gym. There is a great mountain view from the gym. I sat in my warm car, sipping my chai, reading my book and savoring the QUIET mountain view. Baby steps - I was in the general vicinity of the gym. ::snort:: 

Dad got a kick out of Millie coming in to wake him up this "morning."  She does seem to watch out for him...when she isn't pestering him. LOL 

Dad spent much of the day reading his new super large print Bible. He had me get out another of his Bibles and he spent a contented day reading back and forth. One is NIV and one is ESV. 

Stacia told me to go ahead and finish working on bills (I was done with ours, needed to finish Dad's) and she would make dinner. Such a blessing. 

The final blessing of the day was a Zoom Bible study with the Gather Ministry Gals. Good discussion, sweet to be "together." 

Walking Tally 41 miles/100 miles.... 100 miles by my birthday! 

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