Saturday, January 16, 2021

Annie Turns 2 and we Meet JoJo

Annie is 2 years old! BreZaak invited us over to meet JoJo and have cake with Annie. We haven't seen her in months and were a bit concerned how she'd take to everyone....

 She did just fine. She warmed up quickly. 
Annie has darling curls.

Of course, we came bearing gifts. 
Gideon, Bella & Annie

Where is Annie? 

This doll's eyes OPEN AND SHUT. That seems to be the big draw! LOL Bella said she'd like a doll with open and shut eyes too...and a bed. I told her Baachan can see about the doll and she'd better ask Daddy or Santa about the bed. LOL 

Today was also the day we met Josiah - JoJo. He is 2 months old and also took right to Papa. LOL 

 His features remind me of Bre's at this age. 

It was a red-letter day. Happy Birthday, Annie! It seems impossible it's been 2 years....

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