Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Dead Dog

 My sister friend, Beth, told me about a trick they taught one of their dogs. "Dead Dog"....Stacia decided to teach it to starts with Millie sitting pretty.   She then points her finger and says, "Bang, you're a dead dog." 

Millie falls over on her back...

We all cheer for Millie. This is as far as she's gotten. Eventually, we hope to have her trained so we can ask her questions? Would you rather go to work or be a dead dog...would you rather eat Salmon Stroganoff or be a dead dog... and she'll plop over.  What are some of your favorite pet tricks? 

Salmon Stroganoff? Yes - it's a thing, even though so many Facebook friends are evidently hurling at the sight and thought of it. ::snort:: I was trying to think of quick meals to use salmon. Stacia suggested this and I was unsure. However, one gets tired of grilled, baked salmon, salmon patties...and we've canned, smoked, jerked salmon. I've made Salmon Wellington, Salmon Pot Pie, Salmon Alfredo and Salmon Divan...why not try Salmon Stroganoff? I took my Simple Beef Stroganoff recipe (which also looks a mess in the pan) and subbed air fried salmon for the beef. I used fat free sour cream and put it over spaghetti squash for me (pasta for them). 

I was surprised. It was yummy! I mean - delicious. The salmon didn't taste fishy at all, and it enhanced the other flavors. I looked around and EVERYONE was saying it was good. Several said they loved it. Alex had thirds and then had some for leftovers. Dad, who has told me he is getting tired of salmon, ate seconds. Nolan, our true Salmon disliker (though he bravely eats it), was at work. I am trying to have salmon on the nights he closes. 

Michael and I began working on rearranging our room. There is wood to haul, laundry to do, people to talk with, and I got in 10 miles today.  I am going to make 100 miles by my birthday - which had been by Valentines Day and then was by the end of January. Yay me! 


Every mile counts! Walking Tally 91.25 miles out of 100 miles

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