Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Finding Normal Part 2

I have previously shared about "finding normal" in our new season. This week my goal was to add in ONE tea/coffee date, and two gym dates. 

We've had a few days go "off the tracks" this week and so the tea date didn't happen....but today....

Stacia and I made it to the gym for the first time since we brought Dad home from skilled nursing. It felt great. 

Michael has added in a chapter of reading with Stacia each night - I join sometimes...and sometimes I blog. LOL 

Nothing feels "effortless," but we're learning to coordinate schedules as we haven't had to do for decade. 

Another thing I did was come up with five "essentials" for me to feel productive.  I made a habit tracker and try to get these 5 done every day. If I miss one for 3 days, on the 4th day it is number 1.  They are Time in the Word, move (walk, elliptical whatever), read, blog, laundry.... Three are totally SELF CARE....spending time with Jesus, reading and moving....since I don't LOVE exercise, I am making sure I read at least one fun chapter a day. LOL  Laundry and blogging are both things that get away from me quite easily if I don't keep on it and are both things my family appreciates me to tend to. LOL

And NOW you know why there were a couple of early morning blogs today....I tend to let it slide. LOL  

Walking Tally 61/25 miles out of 100 miles

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