Friday, February 05, 2021

Friday - A Perfect Ending to the Week

Fridays have always been special but they are EXTRA special since Stacia and I moved our study day to Friday from Thursday. It makes her day at work a bit easier... Alex and Michael meet on Friday too. 

Stacia and I had been perturbed after observing the gripey, rude Christian at Sunrise. Today we opted for Turkey Red. Would you believe they set us up by a whole TABLE of Christian men. These six men were enjoying their breakfast and discussion of Abraham. We settled in and began our discussion of Acts 1-5. 

I pointed out to Stacia how this group of men were obviously still known as Christians but were polite, considerate of other customers and their presence was a blessing.  In fact, we saw the waitress tell a mom and her children their meal had been paid for.  When we went to check out she told us the men at the table next to us had picked up our tab! She said they come in every Friday and seem to enjoy their breakfast and like to give to others. 

Now THAT'S the way we want to represent Jesus in our community.  Stacia spent a bit of time practicing her rose making skills for a Valentine's Cake she is planning.  

Michael came home and decided to refill the wood box. Arielle and the boys go to a study at their church on Friday. We're settling into a routine where they drop by for a couple of hours afterwards. 

Benny is always quick to help. "Baachan! This is HEAVY!"

Hello, Bright Eyes! 

I have bought a few games to play with the grands when they visit. Benny likes this jumping monkey banana one....

Michael is introducing him to the joy of puzzles. He declared, "Too many pieces!" 

Fridays are a delightful way to end a school/work week. 

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