Sunday, February 14, 2021

Valentine's Day

 I'll write about our anniversary when I get photos off the real camera. 

Arielle and the boys surprised us at church this a.m. They'd had a rather traumatic morning....a gentlemen tried to get into their home...turns out he suffers from dementia, had gotten out of his son's home and thought they had invited him to come to a party. BUT she didn't know that when a yelling man was trying to enter her home... We came home to Salmon chowder, cake and visiting. 

Benny was happy to help Papa clean the wood stove. He also rewrote the nativity story. Yes, I still have Christmas up, but I suppose I will take it down before Lent....maybe.  Last year I left it up until after the Iditarod. 

Stacia's Valentine's Day cake was a hit. 

Cory joined us when he got off work and we began to make dip-netting plans...Fish Camp 2021. Benny informed me he will need a new shirt. 

Magical Moments
Danny & Cory

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