Friday, March 12, 2021

A Fun Friday

Stacia didn't plan on being home  and so wasn't ready for Bible study this morning. I used the time to grab groceries for tomorrow night and to take Allie to get her glasses fixed. She'd had a dodge ball incident at the trampoline park. 

We converged at the house in time to load into the van and head for ANCHORAGE. Krista needed to drop off snow shoes at outdoor rec so we made a quick run through JBER.  We picked up a list of the rentals available at outdoor rec and now I'm planning why we NEED a big bouncy castle or a giant military tent....maybe a summer gathering out here. 

Observant readers will know there is no reason we'd all make the drive simply to return a pair of snow shoes. Today was the last day to see the Fur Rhondy ice sculptures. Unfortunately, vandals ruined some of them...but it was still a fun outing. 

This was my favorite. I believe it was from the Montessori school. It had a quote along the bottom something like "In an age of #hashtags and followers blessed is the man that acknowledges the importance of human connection."  It resonated with me. A window visit with an elder....such memories we have from 2020. 
Stacia, Allie and Krista and some G sculpture LOL 

This was my attempt at a group photo. Hmm. G G doesn't look very happy, looks positively grumpy now that I see these photos. He seemed happy in the moment. LOL 

We knew the snow would be packed, but it was still hard going with the wheelchair. Michael took it over immediately. Dad uses the walker inside but the chair is the best for icy and show ramps and parking lots. I had debated taking the walker and in the end GG and Michael said the chair was the best option. They were right. 

We drove back to the valley in time for Michael and Alex to help Izaak pick up some new furniture for their home.   Stacia needs to decorate Grandpa's cake and make Cory's for tomorrow night. She enlisted Allie's assistance. 

Coincidently - it IS Friday pizza and fun we settled in with Papa Murphys and a bit of Netflix. 

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