Saturday, March 13, 2021

Cakes Galore

 There were cakes galore at the Gherkin March Birthday Celebration.  I made the Oreo ice cream cake in the lower right hand corner per Cory's request.  Stacia made the other two and both were adorable. 

She simply couldn't resist making this cake for Cory. Cory is a newly licensed to sell real estate in Alaska. I found the logo for his business and made a little sign to go with this classic house. Stacia wants to have the time "someday" to decorate this cake the way it's meant to be decorated...but I thought it was cute this like this. 

Grandpa wanted steak for his birthday but grandpa can't chew steak. He chokes and we didn't want THAT at his birthday celebration. Stacia said she'd make a steak meal for the cake. Then he asked for carrot cake. This was a delicious way to eat veggies. LOL 

These veggies were AMAZING...she did a great job!

Yes, it LOOKS like a lot of cake. There were 22 of us. Everyone got a slice of cake and a bit of ice cream on the side...or a big piece of ice cream cake with a small slice of cake on the side. There is one piece of the ice cream cake left for Nolan, who was at work. There is one piece of the carrot cake/steak cake for Grandpa and about 1/2 of the house  cake.  It wasn't as over the top as it looks. AND the house was DAIRY FREE for our lactose intolerant members. 

On top of simply having fun creating, this earned Stacia school time in our Culinary Arts class. I met with our contact teacher this week and she discussed options for training in Alaska.  She thought job corp in our home town has possibilities. We'll have to start looking into it. Kaitlyn was gracious enough to help me plan Stacia's Culinary Arts credit this year. She gave us the title of 3 of her favorite college titles and Stacia has been happily working through them. 

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