Sunday, April 04, 2021

Easter 2021

 He is risen indeed! We love to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus in this home. Nolan had to work, but we caught a photo of those currently residing in our nest before we headed off for church. 

Michael, Allie, De'Etta, Stacia, Grandpa, Alex 

These gals are sporting dresses from Krista's closet, which she left for Easter. The three of us were in children's church today but they decided to go ahead and wear the dresses anyway.  Dresses are not their normal Sunday attire. I thought they were both gorgeous. 

A girl shot - even Millie joined the excitement

Cory works on Sundays and the day gets long for Arielle and the boys. They are able to catch the early service at their church before he goes in.  We look forward to them popping in for a bit of time Sunday afternoon. Sometimes, they pop into church as they did today. It was fun to help Benny in children's church...a little extra Baachan time. 
📷by Arielle - Arielle, Benny, Danny 

Our church has an annual Easter Egg hunt. This year the eggs were hid in the snow...and it snowed on Easter. That didn't stop Benny from having fun with the hunt.  BTW, this is the field where KrUke will have their wedding...great view. 
📷by Arielle

📷by Arielle

I told everyone we'd aim for Easter dinner at 3 p.m. This gave me time to get home and get dinner cooked without stressing, it gave time to enjoy church and the hunt, and time for Cory to make it before all the food was gone! JaRissa re in Juneau, Nolan was working and Josiah is in qurantine...but the rest of us were here. 

Having a late lunch meant that Arielle and the boys were around to help with prep....and Benny does love helping in the kitchen. 

Millie is getting better with Benny all the time. We do leave the leash on her when the boys are around in case we need to do a quick rescue. 

After lunch "the box" was brought out and the girls were invited down to the basement. The guys cleaned up dinner. 

Krista is going to wear Arielle's wedding gown. It was fun to watch it come out of the box.....
Suitably impressed. 

It's going to work. The dress is safely at a shop in Anchorage for alterations. The kids were suitably impressed. 

It was a great day. I didn't take near the photos I could, or should, have....but I'm happy to have captured these.....

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