Monday, May 31, 2021

May's Catch Up Post

This post will contain a lot of photos - and random memories from the month of May.  Each of these photos captures memories that could easily turn into a blog post, but I'll never "catch up" and I'll feel terribly behind and simply quit if I attempt that many posts..... 

And so - here are some fun photos from May, along with the memories they rattled loose. 

Michael and I continue to take 2 - 3 hours of weekly respite. Arielle and the boys hang out with GG and everyone is refreshed. 

While Michael and I picnic and play, the others play at home with playdough....and GG keeps them all up to date with the latest from the ADN.

Danny is full of smiles and has found his voice

I told the family our goal was to increase our produce consumption to the point where we gained our OWN table at co-op. We did it. LOL  This was our produce and Azure orders. 

While we aren't always 100% sure what to do with everything, we are enjoying the cooking adventures. Unfortunately, I couldn't grasp what to do with the fennel. We made an eggplant/zucchini/cheese concoction with the eggplant. 

Avocado toast is a new hit around here...when you have 52 avocados....

Get the grill hot he said! ::snort:: 

I still maintain I got the grill hot...and I learned the importance of pulling the grill away from the deck railing. LOL  Michael prefers a much tamer grill. 

Stacia has been practicing for the wedding cake she is making for KrUke.

The  girls and I  joined Arielle and the boys to shop for Bridal Shower "things." Baachan may have thought Benny would love this hat. Seriously it reminded me of  our fun Korean adventure....the day we got lost trying to find the Suwan Toilet Museum. Mama vetoed the purchase. LOL 

Stacia and I took in the Vintage Fair

Bikes! We are enjoying the nice weather to the fullest. 

Warm enough to hang laundry outside

He insists he doesn't fall - but we have proof he does. 

I began to walk outside again - good for me in so many ways. 

The chickens are happy for warmer weather too. 

When you have peaches -  Paula Dean's Peach Cobbler. It worked well with monk fruit and was a hit. 

We are enjoying SPRING. I do enjoy the intensity of the seasons up here. I enjoy them best in any season but mid-winter. LOL 

When the weather warms up we get rainy days in the midst of sunny days. Stacia and I enjoyed studying together inside our warm bubble. 

I love this picture - illustrates contentment. LOL 

A good word? Word to live by? Some days it's the perfect word. LOL 

The view from the hammocks changed from branches to green leaves. These Birch leaves are the size of squirrel's ears...time to plant the garden. 

Benny likes to share the hammocks

GG wanted ARIELLE to give him a hair cut. She did exactly what I do, but he is sure she does a better job. ::snort:: 

"I can help, Baachan!" Long weeks end with Pizza around here. 

I find it ironic  this fell off the wall during our latest quake. 

Spring brings poop collection to our yard....
Goodbye May, Hello June. Bring on the summer! We know there will be two weddings, family gatherings, unexpected opportunities to gather with others....and lots of yard work. LOL 

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