Tuesday, June 22, 2021

A Saucy Kind of Day

 Quite honestly, we were all dragging today! 

Stacia and I went to sort produce for Wholesome Food Co-op.  I told the girls one of them needed to come lift for me as my shoulder is still wonky.   We have still not had "too much" produce - we've eaten everything we got...this was our last order....and nothing has gone to waste. 

I felt like it was "too much," even though we ate it all, so I ordered less this time. While we were sorting I was informed we do NOT have co-op every two weeks - it's the 2nd and 4th Tuesday - which means this week's stuff has to last 3 weeks. I am fairly certain we will run out before the 2nd Tuesday in July.  I cannot express how heavenly fresh peaches and nectarines are! 

While Stacia and I took care of co-op, Michael, Grandpa and Allie went on a Lowe's run. Allie says Grandpa loves outings with Michael. They chatted the whole time and then Michael put him in an electric cart instead of the walker. I guess Dad was king of the aisles. LOL  I encourage walking as he needs the exercise...but the cart would sure make shopping quicker. 

It's so bright these days that we forget the time...thus I put in a couple of hours in the garden and Michael started (and completed) a repair job after we got home at 4 p.m.  I swear it felt EARLY when we were done but it was well past dinner time. We decided to make it an Encore Presentation, YOYO, LEFTOVER night. 

The weeds around the bed below were quite a bit higher than the bed. I weeded and then began hauling compost to this lasagna bed. I hauled 2 loads and Michael came home to help with the other 3 loads. The hard part is getting the wheelbarrow up high enough to clear the side of the bed. Alex helped before Michael came.  I'm debating if Beets or Beans will fill this bed. I have two more small beds - outside the wire....so I don't want all of either to be outside the wire in those beds....moose being who they are. 

I cleared the grass and wildflowers (dandelions) from around the fire ring. Wow - they'd grown up since the last time we used the fire ring.  We are out Wed and Thursday nights - but I'm hoping for a campfire on Friday night.  We continue talking about how we should develop this area....gravel/concrete, a hot tub, pavilion, fire ring...what to do? 

Packages began to fly into our home....none from Amazon...all arrived in 3 days from ordering.  My first Thread Up order arrived. I ordered from the WOMEN'S side and the sizes should fit - but all are small. The "L" pants will fit Allie or Bre. One of the shrugs may work. We'll see. 

THIS is an amazing sauce Michael's Uncle Jack introduced to us. Unfortunately, it is made in Humboldt county, CA and isn't easy to find in Alaska. Amazon wanted $25 a JAR. I kept looking and was able to order from Larrupin direct for $3.50 a jar plus shipping - which brought our total to $7.50 a jar. 

Uncle Jack uses it on everything - but it's really good on fish...can't wait for Salmon night. It's a mustard/dill sauce. 

Michael found these in our local Fred Meyers. He got the last two on the floor. I am SO happy...and I'm wondering....can a store be far behind the sauce? (BTW that banner in Anchorage was a fake - I have a source that would know). 

I ended the evening with a  heating pad, muscle relaxant and Ibruprofen - but it felt GOOD to get out and get some work done today. I read 4 books since I was down with my shoulder...and my feet feel better than they have since January as I was totally down for a few days....there are always "yays" with the "boos". 

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