Friday, June 25, 2021

Everyone Wants to Play at Papa and Baachan's

 Simply EVERYONE wants to play at our place! 

📷by Jared

It started  Thursday night with this gentleman stopping by to check out the volleyball/badminton net. He was sure to tromp through the trees in front and munch a few branches...

 Friday morning Allie and I happened on a new mama....the twins are soooo cute! We stayed in the car and went on by....Mama looks scruffy. 

Friday night this gal came to visit. These photos were taken at 11 p.m. No flash or filter...this is what our daylight is like these days.  She was not deterred by the trampoline in her path. 

This one had a bit of an attitude. No one is allowed to stick their tonque out at Baachan, Moosey. 

She was offended by the chair - actually, I think she was determined to scratch her head. 

She tried scratching on the laundry line, but only succeeded in knocking things around. 

Oh, oh. At this point I began to encourage her NOT to go to the garden. That t-post marks the electric fence. 

She changed course and checked out the Grandma Tree....and ate quite a few of the wild roses. Oh well. 

See how they do that? She puts her mouth on one end of the branch and then strips all the leaves in one swing. 

She seemed determined to get into the garden. She turned and went between the garden and the woodpile and off to the neighbors. Shew. 

It's that time of year.  It's too bad it coincides with the best walking time of the year too. It does keep one alert. 

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