Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Tuesday of Wedding Week

Have I mentioned it's wedding week????

Krista had an off base activity all day out here in the Valley. She dropped Maria off at our house and she, I and the girls went shopping. We made a run to Three Bears for reception items, then home to  store things in the fridge and freezer. We picked up gift cards here and there. We shopped for accessories to complete the girls' wedding look - this required four stops. We enjoyed lunch together. 

We got Stacia and Allie's hair cut. I am still debating WHAT I want to do with my hair. My last thyroid funk (started a new dose a couple of months ago) found my hair falling out by the fistfuls.  Stacia miscommunicated with Hershey - but she ended up with a look that is going to be cute. LOL 

This isn't a great picture of either of them - but hey - it's what I got. 

Don't they look cute? Hershey did a great job. 

Krista called and was done.  We met her at home, decided what to do with all the things.  She and Maria left for home. 

Michael took Dad to a Physical Therapy appt. I cried a little bit when they said he will have 2 appts a week for the foreseeable future. It's tiring to age. LOL The goal is for him to be able to catch himself when he falls. He is falling when he standing at sinks, counters, the fridge...and the walker is beside him. The last time I watched him rotate a tiny bit to put ice in his cup and he started to fall. He  goes down, instead of catching himself on the fridge, the counters etc. He sees this as the walker not working - but every fall has been when the walker is beside him and he's trusting counters etc and his core strength....so we need to increase balance and core strength. Every therapist and doctor has said since BEFORE his surgery he needs to use the walker. He had multiple falls down stairs and outside before the surgery. He's having less falls now as he is receiving 24/7 supervision.  Dad is not happy about going back to therapy...but he doesn't continue the exercises at home. There's a message in here for me and my workout routine. LOL 

I was THANKFUL a roast had been in the slow cooker all day. The girls set the table and cut up a melon. I prepped asparagus, carrots, fingerling potatotes and cauliflower. 

I was just about ready to call everyone in, when my phone rang, and Michael said, "It's crunch time - can you send a few more pair of hands out?" 

Remember that lathe Michael purchased? It's been in the back of his truck, where it had been placed by an engine lift at its original home. Jared and Michael have been busy today moving trailer and RV. They also moved pallets to the garage, pulled the truck in, and used planks to move the lathe to the top of the pallets. Michael, Jared, Alex and Nolan lifted the lathe, while Allie and Stacia pulled a pallet out. They set it down and repeated...until the lathe is settled nicely on the floor in the garage. 

With that chore completed we had dinner.  Michael went out to finish up moving  things around. I went to the garden thinking I'd do a bit of weeding and watering. I felt an odd drop and realized it was rain and then iBURSTt burst from the sky. A heavy downpour - a gully washer. I was stuck in the greenhouse. When I got cold enough I made a run for the house.  Millie was in sad shape. She wanted out to potty but didn't want to get wet. LOL 

We are praying for a window of sunshine for KrUke's wedding on Saturday. The forecast calls for 50% rain. I figure God can deal with the numbers.  Care to pray with us? 

Nolan got called into work - ridiculous. Jared ran to Anchorage to pick up Larissa.  Michael went to bed. The girls watched some Netflix. 

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