Sunday, July 04, 2021

4th of July

 We are simply tired this July 4th.  We made a joint decision to stay home from church, to enjoy our last couple of days with guests to the full, and to try to rest. Dad slept much of the day away. 

Jamin let us all know he was going to RUN up Mat Peak. He began at 5 or 6....and sent a video from the top so we knew he made it alive. 

Jamin above the clouds - πŸ“· by Jamin 

πŸ“· by Jamin

I have a goal to make it to the top. I do NOT have a goal to RUN to the top. Jared, Nate, Heather, Stacia and Maria decided to leave at 7:30 and hike until they were ready to turn back.  The rest of us were just too tired to attempt an early morning hike. ::snort:: 

Jared, Nate, Maria, Stacia

Nate, Jared and Stacia - πŸ“· by Maria

Maria moved out here the day of the wedding. We love having her around. It's good to connect again with her, to marvel at all that God is doing, and has done, in her life. 
πŸ“· by Maria

πŸ“· by Maria
πŸ“· by Heather


At home we slowly woke up, began to plan for a dinner together, and talked....civilized. LOL  Jamin made it to the top and started back down. He met up with the rest and they continued down the mountain. 

Jamin joins the gang - πŸ“· by Heather

One with Heather - gorgeous mountain meadow
πŸ“· by Heather

I think Jamin had a house to show....and then he came back to our house. We visited, played, ate....we missed Nolan - who spends most his time at work or in his room cramming college courses. CoRielle came by after they and Alaina had made a run to Eklutna lake. CyRi are at the lake. BreZaak are trying to see cars being launched. It's an Alaskan thing. 

Some of the crew

Nate, my "baby" brother

We moved down to the fire ring. I regret we didn't know until way far into the evening Alaina is allergic to smoke. Ugh. We have enjoyed having Jared around as he was in town helping with the new mayor of Anchorage's transition team. 

Benny is sure to be near Daddy or Papa. 

πŸ“·by Larissa

πŸ“·by Larissa

We DID make s'mores - but we ALSO roasted APPLES. I like this trend. 

Danny is happy to be passed around. 
Uncle Jared and Danny

Uncle Jared and Benny

πŸ“· by Larissa

Uncle Jamin and Danny

It was a good day to catch our breath after the chaos of the past week. 

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