Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Busy on All Fronts

 We switched days with Arielle so that Michael and I could both go to an appointment with an accountant this morning. I wanted to be sure all tax ducks are in a row as I'm managing the finances of two households. 

While Arielle and the boys hung out with Grandpa - BENNY GOT THE ARIELLE'S PHONE! ::snort:: And so we have these enlightening views of Dad's respite care. LOL  

📷by Benny 

📷by Benny 

📷by Benny 

When we got home we talked a few logistics for the upcoming trip with Arielle. They will be driving our truck down...we need it to get nets and coolers to the beach....but we'll have less car space...and need to pack their stuff into the RV/truck. Michael continued to pack the RV while I headed out to shop for food for the trip.  There ARE more snacks than usual but I do try to feed fairly healthy dinners....this year it will be BBQ meatballs, Pulled Pork, Chili and corn dogs, Chicken Divan and Wings. 

I was soooo tired by the time I hit the check out line....I raced home and unloaded into the RV. 

I was standing in the kitchen admiring Alex's new driver's license, when I realized BIBLE STUDY started in 15 minutes.  I hopped back into the car and made it just in time. 

And here's a random photo of cuteness - Jojo at 8 months. 

📷by Bre

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