Monday, August 23, 2021

Busy Week - Slow Start

 This is going to be a fantastically busy week! We have a long list of things to get done. SATURDAY Josiah and Carrie will get married OUTSIDE in our yard. We started mowing...and it began raining. It is predicted to be clear on Saturday - but we need it clear on Thursday or Friday morning so we can mow before set up.  ANYWAY much of our list of things to do needs to happen OUTSIDE and it is RAINING.....

With two girls writing copious essays, Michael is keeping busy inside. He's our resident editor. I gave up. I am really good at saying, "I like that," or "You could make that point stronger by rewording it." HE bleeds red ink...and has for years...but for those who are properly trained by the red ink reap great benefits. 

I had HOPED to make a run to the thrift store, event store, and grocery store...the trips didn't happen. School DID get done. Workouts happened. Meals were served. Grandpa and Allie were cared for.  That's all I could do for the day. LOL 

Allie is feeling under the weather. Prayers for HER and that her illness doesn't spread are greatly appreciated. Did I mention we will have a houseful on Saturday? 

Jared arrived Sunday afternoon. Larissa couldn't get off until Friday. The boys' friends and family friends will fly in Wednesday. Life is full and good and blessed around here. 

I put Jared to work shaking cream in a jar  - no I am NOT making butter. I am making sugar free ice cream.  Five minutes can seem like a long time. LOL 

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