Friday, August 27, 2021

FRIDAY of Wedding Week


I should make a generic countdown board...but this works! We knew today would be busy. Friends from DC were arriving at our home. Stacia had to do all things frosting. We can help a bit with the baking. She is on her own with the decorating...because she wants it that way. She began making frosting early in the day.....

Her practice ones....this will work. 

Allie helped by keeping Millie out of the frosting. 

Allie also helped ME clean and put out fall decor....or the start of it. I decided TODAY was the day to concede victory to fall.  

Not only did Stacia frost cupcakes...but she had this "naked cake" to finish. She got it this far and waited to be sure she understood Carrie's vision before finishing. 

Debbie arrived. We've been friends since our San Angelo assignment - 16 years ago. She knew Stacia as a 2 week old. Our boys were the youth group at that assignment.  We've visited them twice in  the DC area and I told her last time it was time she came THIS way. Cyri's wedding provided the motivation to do so. 

The posse together again. When we moved from San Angelo to Japan we left Josiah and Jamin behind. The H family adopted them. They had them over for Risk tournaments, holidays, and just to hang out. They were at the hospital when Jared had heart issues. They were there for life events...weddings, graduations, good and bad times.  Jared joined them as soon as he could graduate.  At one point Steve, Jare,d and Jamin shared an apartment. 
Steve, Michal, Jared, Josiah, Jamin 

Debbie helped with PWOC when we were at Goodfellow AFB and Steve was on the Parish Advisory Council - like a deacon/elder board. It does our hearts WELL to have them back in our home after all these years...I can't help but remember deployments, family meals, rattle snakes....friendship that feels like family. 
Enjoying retirement. 

Debbie, Steve, Michael, Me

Meanwhile, Stacia frosts...and has come up with a way to let Livie help....She and Allie can help sprinkle gold flakes and balls on the cupcakes. 

Debbie, Allie and I ran out and bought more frosting supplies and Papa Murphy's pizza.  Let's call it a rehearsal dinner. LOL 

It's taking shape.  I actually think this about the right amount of frosting for eating....

This is a beautiful cake. 

This gal is about to become our granddaughter. We're excited. She fits right in around here. 

Rehearsal in the rain...and it was fine. Carrie, Livie and her parents....

A very happy groom. 

When Carrie and Josiah exchange vows, Josiah will also make some vows to Olivia. He becomes husband and FATHER tomorrow.  Just watching them ghost out the sequence had me in tears - and I wasn't the only one. 

Rehearsal selfie
Cy, Allie, Livie, Stacia, Larissa, Jared, Jamin, Michel, Steve, Debbie,
Steve,Carrie, Pam, Jerry, Michael, De'Etta 📷 by Josiah 

Larissa decorated the arch Carrie's brother made. All is ready for tomorrow. 

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