Sunday, August 29, 2021

Independence Mine, Hatcher's Pass

 We woke up this a.m. and helped Carrie's Dad load the wedding chairs into his truck.  Everyone got breakfast, Steve, Debbie and Steven packed and then we headed out to make the most of this last day together. 

We drove out to Independence Mine in Hatcher's Pass. Josiah and Carrie met us and drove up. Livie was thrilled. 

This is beautiful spot. I like to imagine what it would have been like to live and work up would be isolated and cold in the winter. The views are great. I would love to meet someone, or read a book by someone, who lived up here when the mine was operational. 

Me and Debbie

We drove on up to Summit Lake. It was beautiful. 

Stacia, Me, Allie 

Father/Son moment 

A group shot...
F - Livie, Carrie, Allie, Stacia, Debbie, De'Etta, Larissa
B - Cy, Steve, Steven, Michael, Jared

We came home and Alex stayed with Grandpa and the girls at home. JaRissa went into town to visit with friends. We drove Steven to the airport. 

Then Michael, Steven, Debbie and I went out to dinner, to Kincaid Park and to the Earthquake Park before taking THEM to the airport. We packed as much life as we could into the short visit. It was a blessing to have such dear friends come up for the wedding. 

Spending time with Steven and Debbie was wonderful. My heart wishes we lived closer to each other. 

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